Sequel to Long Ago and Far Away: Another Time, chapter one: Deaths and Entrances, NC-17/E, ~2,750 words.

‘That is plainly not news that the public should have any interest in. News is the Soviets being up to something, or a nice murder,not me being able to play Bewitched, Bothered and bloody Bewildered on my violin!’

Mrs Hudson patted his back soothingly and put the bottle of milk that had been sitting on the counter since John had left for work back in the fridge. ‘When’s Doctor Watson due home, dear?’

Summer, 1951, six years after the war’s end. John is a well-regarded doctor working for the NHS, whilst Sherlock’s consulting detective business is making him something of a household name. Moriarty decides it’s time for him to make his move.

Please heed the warnings.

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